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Recently, I was talking to someone in th

She does in fact see each piece as a secret. Each one holds something so precious and valuable that it is disguised beyond the comprehension of the of the mind. It can only be engaged with and understood through the feeling experience. Do not ask Clara what the secrets she conveys are for she herself doesn’t quite know.


Clara Sherman is a Washington based artist whose work for her is a healing experience. It is one where her unconscious mind can unload that which it carries into form. Anytime where something tucked inside is released and the energy is held elsewhere than the body or mind, a shift has occurred. Thus each piece represents a shift, a letting go of a secret burden only a hidden part within her carried.

Welcome to the beginning! This is how it

Clara believes that if you are drawn to a piece, it has something to share with you. However it shares itself with you, know that your experience with it is unique and sacred, just as was its creation.

If you wish to learn more about her creative experience, please check out her blog "From the Aspect that Collages." It in a more in-depth look at this notion of secrets within her work.

Much, much love.

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