"Blue Diamonds #2" Book

“Blue Diamonds” #2


"For many, thoughts race by tethered to quick and fleeting emotions. It can cause a flurry of "I don't knows" and make it challenging to get clear. This journal encapsulates an energy of clear and calm understanding. It will help you get closer to what is real for you, your core and your truth."


This handbound journal is a perfect gift for any writer or artist.  It fits easily in your bag and can be great for any little thing you wish to jot down on the go. It wears well during travel, and can sit perfectly on your bed side table for your midnight musings.


The cover is a collage of beautiful papers from Nepal, Japan, and France. Not only is the book handbound and hand collaged, but many of the papers are handmade or hand-screened as well.*


Tucked between the covers are 80, unlined, 100% cotton pages. Hailing from a French mill founded in 1492, these pages are soft and luxurious. They gracefully accept any kind of ink, pastel, or pencil your heart desires.


Many of the papers used here are tree-free. They are sourced from cotton, mulberry, or lokta bushes. If any tree material was used, it has been repurposed or recycled.

"Blue Diamonds #2" Book

    • Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.5 x 0.5 in.
    • 80 Pages, 100% Cotton
    • Blank
    • Acid free
    • Open spine (ensures the journal will lay flat when open)
    • Includes a Canvas Bag




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