"Spring Has Sprung" Wall Piece

 “Spring Has Sprung”


"The beauty of spring is the renewal of nature. The flowers come to life; the baby animals are all about. It reminds us of the beauty in beginnings. This piece is wonderful for anyone who has stepped into a spring of their own; a fun representation of the flowers blooming in their life."


This wall piece is perfect for anyone who needs a little spring in their life. It is collaged using beautiful papers from Nepal, Italy, and Japan. Not only is this piece hand collaged, but many of the papers are handmade or hand-screened as well.


It measures 6 x 8 in, and will fit easily in to any frame to be hung in your home or office.


Many of the papers used here are tree-free. They are sourced from cotton, mulberry, or lokta bushes.


This design was made in small set of 15. Due to the nature of the paper, each one is unique. Please allow for slight variation between what is pictured here and what you may receive.

"Spring Has Sprung" Wall Piece

    • Dimensions: 6 x 8 in.
    • Handmade
    • Paper from Nepal, Italy, and Japan